by sasha very




Teaser: vimeo.com/383579651

This mini-release is an attempt to recreate audio spaces with various plots, the characters of which are emotional shades, psychological complexes and drivers of imagination. The author believes that each piece of music can become an autonomous unit, torn off the context, and each time captivate the listener with its content or resonance with the listener's background. The mission of such works: to give an occasion for reflections, to arouse imagination, to open the field of free interpretations. Ideally, be exhaustive and describe yourself by immanent means. The main thing is independence with embedded approximate ways of cognitive processing and ways to grab attention.

Timid sampling, reminiscent of the amateur’s first acquaintance with the interfaces, tested and recognizable storytelling roaming the releases, sharpness, non-obvious meditativeness and softness of distortion — features of a release that went through all levels of internal criticism and stuck in iterations between doubt and confidence, which means a live release, to which in the end you can not relate in any way.

On the other hand, the passion to inflate product semantics and conceptualization distracts from well-deserved presentations to the technical aspect. After all, it seems, "everything technical is an instrument for the realization of dreams." Perhaps many think that "the availability of the canvas is not as important as the final picture." The author is not a bit satisfied with this distance between the idea and the tools of embodiment.

Here author wants to pay the expansion that opened the way for the author, his friends and other wonderful people to the great adventure of exchanging mental rooms. Expansion of development and debugging of fascinatingly complex spaces — .als.


released January 15, 2020

Writen and produced by sasha very: soundcloud.com/sasha_very
Artwork by John Object: soundcloud.com/johnobject


all rights reserved



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